Jawline Sculpting

Jawline fillers can be used to create a more streamlined and defined appearance of the jaw area.
They can also be used to address age-related jowling and the appearance of loose or sagging skin, by rejunvinating the lacking areas, to give an illusion of a lifted look.


Cheek Fillers can be used to help restore lost volume in the cheeks through the natural ageing process with a secondary improvement. Cheek Fillers can also be used to create a more defined and contoured appearance. The Filler can be injected via a cannula or a needle, technique dependant on your desired end results.

Beautification Packages

Our Beautification Package (Formally Kimmy K Package) is individually tailored to resemble the science based proportions of the 'Golden Ratio'. Treatments what you want are not what you neccerssarily need to re-balance the facial proportions. The Golden Ration is represented as a upside down triangle or commonly know as a heart shaped face. You find yourself here as you would like to not only enhance but corrections and/or rejuvination of your current state, all we ask is our clients to come to a consultation with an open mind as we strive to give you the best results by achieving a well balanced profile.

Further Injectable Treatments


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